Speakers is designed for youth to express themselves through words. They will have opportunities to perform their favorite monologue, spoken word, speech, comedy, or rap on stage. 

Critical Kondition Dance Group is a community dance group where youth are able to express their talent through dance. They will perform in and outside of Las Vegas; complete community service; and focus on excelling in education. 



1202 Stewart Ave,

N.L.V. NEVADA 89101, US   

(702) 612-2839  



Monday - Sunday  10am - 7pm

Call for appointment.

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Musicians Unleashed is a competition allowing young musicians to showcase their talent through playing an instrument for an opportunity to win cash prizes and record in studio with other young musicians.


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Young Star is a singing competition giving young singers a chance to showcase their vocal abilities and compete for a chance to win cash prizes.

Youth United w/Purpose is a gospel choir of 60+ youth put together for the youth. The ages of the participants are 10-19. This is a positive outlet for youth to come socialize, meet new people, and have a good time in God. YUP will be singing at multiple events in and out of the Las Vegas Community. 


A single mother of four. Grandmother of 4. I am not only an educator for CCSD but I am an on call educator. If you have my number and need me, I'm there. I am a member of Victory Missionary Baptist Church. My main passion is working with the youth, which led to starting a youth organization. T. Black Entertainment Inc. is an organization established in 2014.  T. Black Entertainment is the umbrella for many programs but not limited too: Young Star Singing competition, Musicians Unleashed, YUP (youth united w/purpose), Words Out Loud, and CK (Critical Kondition Dance Team). 

I obtained a bachelors from Regis University, Masters in Edu from UNLV, and second Masters in Educational Leadership from Nova University. I began working with Clark County School District in 2005 as a substitute teacher and became licensed in 2008. My first assignment with the district was in a self contained classroom working with emotionally disturbed students. I worked with students to control the unacceptable behaviors by teaching replacement behaviors. While a working as a classroom teacher, I counseled students, parents, and other teachers. After working in the classroom for 9 years I moved positions within the district. I became a behavior specialist, going into multiple classrooms helping teachers and school put strategies in place for students with emotional disabilities to strive on a comprehensive campus. I recently moved into a Special Education Instructional Facilitator position. This position allows me to oversee the Special Education department and work closely with administration while providing support to teachers and students. I provide support to multiple classrooms with behavior modification strategies, assist teachers with classroom management techniques as we implement goals and objectives for students with emotional disabilities, help write individualized education plans, schedule meetings, and work closely with administration. 

​I would say I'm dependable, loving, laid back, understanding, fun, persistent, and talented. I usually will let nothing stand in my way if I am passionate about wanting something done.